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A Brief History

Royal Order of Unicorn, a mystic krewe, was formed in 1983 to bring forth an organization within the Acadiana community that promotes inclusivity, fosters a safe environment, and practices community outreach. ROU was founded on the ideal that everyone is welcome to join - we hold no labels here. We want to encourage people within the community, no matter their identity, gender, race, or philosophies, to come together and be apart of something wonderful.

Each year begins with the election of Board Members, Committee Chairs, and planning for the next Bal Masque. Monthly krewe meetings keep all involved informed and engaged with krewe functions. By the third meeting a new theme has been voted on and the flurry of costume ideas begin. Each member who has committed to a costume works in collaboration with the Captain of the Bal Masque. Most costumes are nearing completion by the end of the holidays. Each and every member contributes to the success of the Bal - rewarded for their efforts with the reactions from the crowd and the smiles on their faces.

Many today do not have the luxury of a family to support and nurture them. The members of ROU are a close-knit group of people that are caring and compassionate. The members of ROU come from all facets of society infusing many unique and individual modes of creative expression. Members of ROU work together all year long organizing functions and events. ROU also hold a number of fundraisers throughout the year to raise money; both to orchestrate the Bal Masque, and also to help out organizations in the community. As a result of the deep camaraderie ROU has become a family that care for one another, and that is how everyone is treated.

ROU is a second family to many, and are always welcoming new members.

Come join our family!

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